Which content creation and content marketing services do you provide?

I can provide the following services: A. Creation of individual content assets like blog articles, newsletters, ebooks, lead magnets. I can provide suggestions for royalty-free images to accompany the content. B. Development of a full content marketing strategy I can help you to:

  • create a one-page content marketing plan with four to six content pillars
  • clarify your customer personas
  • develop a content marketing mission statement
  • audit your content and your competitors' content to see how you can offer the best answers to questions on Google
  • map content to your buyer's journey
  • develop a three-month editorial calender.
I do not do paid search or digital advertising.

Can you edit/and or re-write content that I have done myself?

Yes, no problem. I will still need to confirm your goals for the content and the communication needs of your target audience.

What types of SEO services do you offer?

My expertise is "on-page" search engine optimisation. This involves:

  • Research: Using a range of tools to find the best short and long-tail keywords to target in your content.
  • Content creation: Creating high-quality content focused on target keywords.
  • Keyword optimization: Using the target keywords in all the right places and using appropriate page title and H1 tags.
We will use Google Analytics to monitor how your content is performing. I do not do "technical" or "off-page" SEO as they require specialist skills.

Do you do social media strategy?

I do not have capacity at the moment to do a full social media strategy for you but I can refer you to another specialist. If you are interested in a monthly blog package, I can write the blog articles and also draft the introductory text and hashtags you would need to post the content to LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

What type of corporate communication and investor relation services do you provide?

Reports I can help you with:

  • planning the structure of the report, identifying core themes, providing contributing writers with templates and samples
  • interviewing subject matter experts for report material
  • writing, editing and proofreading content to ensure that the entire project has one consistent voice which reflects your brand. I have experience with large annual reports, corporate responsibility reports and white papers.
Executive Ghostwriting I can interview your executives and managers to ghostwrite content for them. For example, articles for industry magazines, blogs, newsletters or even a letter on behalf of a chairman for an annual report. Style Guides Style Guides are extremely useful internal documents to speed up your publishing process and importantly, they ensure that all communication from your business is consistent. This means even when content is prepared by different authors it still has the same "voice". e.g. Words, spelling, numbers, layout are the same across print and digital which creates a consistent reader and brand experience. Tender documents To ensure that your tender documents are professional and clearly written, it is useful to engage an external editor and proofreader to ensure that the final document is of high quality and error free. I can work onsite with your team or remotely to help you meet your deadlines. Investor newsletters Developing fresh and relevant content on a consistent basis for investors and clients can be challenging. I can develop an editorial calendar and regular content for your communications team.


How does the project process work?

1. Meet each other: You can schedule a free 20-minute discovery call in my calendar to find out if we would be a good fit. We will discuss your goals and whether I am the right person to help you. 2. Create a project brief:

  • Discuss your communication objectives via Zoom.
  • Learn more about your target audience and their communication needs.
  • Identify key messages for each stakeholder group.
  • Understand your company’s voice and market positioning.
  • We can complete my briefing template together or you can fill this out yourself and send it to me. I can record the call and have it transcribed so I don't miss anything.
3. Provide a quotation: I will email you a quotation based on the type of work required and a timeline to meet your deadline. If you are happy to proceed, you will sign this electronically and send it back. I cannot start work until I receive your approval. Unlimited revisions are included in each quotation. You need to be 100% satisfied. 4. Undertake the work I will email you the first draft of the copy via Google docs or Word for review and discussion. You mark up changes in the comments/track changes and send it back by the agreed time. If no more changes are required, I will proofread again and send you the final copy for publication. 5. Review and feedback We discuss the project process and areas for improvement. Once the project is complete, I will send you an invoice based on the agreed project fee.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. My quotation includes the terms and conditions associated with your project. It addresses issues such as confidentiality, expenses, insurance, copyright and ending our agreement. It is designed to eliminate any confusion about what is and what isn't included in your project.

What information should I to send to you?

It is very useful if you are able to include the following in your project brief:

  • a very clear description of your target audience (What keeps them awake at night? How do they feel about their problem?)
  • a clear goal for the content (What do you want your reader to think, feel or do after reading your content? What does success look like for you?)
  • an inhouse Style Guide (if available) which will ensure that my work is consistent with your existing content and "voice"
  • samples of other pieces of content that you love or hate
  • an editorial calendar (if available) so I can ensure your content is not repetitive and stays relevant.
  • images or video to accompany your article or access to an image library
  • SEO long-tail keywords you want to use.

What's the difference between content marketing and copywriting?

Content marketing is about engagement. It is a long-term strategy to:

  • improve your ranking on Google so clients can find you
  • attract and engage your clients by educating, informing or entertaining them
  • increase brand awareness so you are top of mind.
Examples include:
  • Blogs
  • E-newsletters
  • Lead magnets
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Ebooks
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Digital Magazines
Copywriting is about selling and includes: Examples include:
  • Website copy
  • SEO landing pages
  • Direct mail letters
  • Paid online or social ads
  • Advertising material like brochures
  • Taglines.

Why should I work with you instead of an agency or someone from Upwork?

I bring the professionalism and service quality of a full service agency but without the price tag. I do not have the overheads and employee salaries associated with a big agency. This means that your communication and marketing budget can be stretched further. I provide dedicated one-on-one service and try to position myself as a "trusted partner". This means that you save time and money trying to find and brief new freelancers. The more I understand your business, the faster I can create effective content that meets your business goals. In terms of Upwork, there are plenty of quality freelancers available. The issue is that you must have the time and capacity to find them. Plus, they need to have the relevant financial services experience and knowledge so they know how to "walk in your customers' shoes".

Where are you located and do we need to meet?

I am currently based in Switzerland but I regularly do Zoom calls in other parts of the world like the USA. Switzerland is in the Central European Time Zone which means it is 1 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1 ). When you visit my calendar page, these times are listed in your time zone so you can book a time that suits you. If you are based in Switzerland, then of course I am happy to meet you in person if you are located in the German-speaking part.

Who owns the copyright?

You will own the copyright to any content that I produce for you. It is classified as “made for hire,” which means that the copyright on the work belongs to the employer or the party who commissioned the work. With your permission, I would appreciate the option to include non-confidential work in my portfolio and marketing materials.

How do you treat confidentiality?

I am often asked about confidentiality because of my background as a freelance business journalist. I am no longer working as a journalist as my portfolio is diverse enough to prove to corporate clients that I can write journalist-grade content. All information that we share together is treated in strict confidentiality and I have a non-disclosure agreement to send to you if you wish.

What is your writing style?

I follow the Associated Press (AP) Style of writing which is used in journalism, public relations and marketing. In terms of voice and tone, my job is to sound like you. For example, if your brand matches the brand values of Vodafone, my writing needs to be "straight talking, bright and accessible". I will need to tailor my language for your target audience - where are they based? Will they relate to American or British English? My writing is always clear, succinct and written in plain English.

What happens if I am not satisfied with your work?

My goal is to deliver high quality work that delivers results, every time. If for some reason you are not happy after 30 days, I will immediately refund you the full project fee.


How can I trust that you can write content that gets results?

There are two reasons:

  • I have been a full-time professional financial services freelancer since 2006. No-one lasts very long in this industry unless they are super professional and can generate great results for their clients. I have benefited from in-house agency experience from working in the financial communications business of Ogilvy Public Relations in Sydney. As a freelancer, I have completed multiple long-term projects with clients such as global fund manager Russell Investments, Vodafone, AMP Financial Planning, International Coaching Federation and Korn Ferry. I was also the official business writing training partner for the Australian Writers' Centre and trained more than 500 people through one-day corporate writing programs.
  • I have proven journalism skills as I was a regular freelance contributor to national publications such as Fairfax Media's Australian Financial Review and The Australian. To see some examples and my writing style, here is my journalism portfolio. One of the advantages about working with a former journalist is that you can be confident that I know how to plan, research and interview people to uncover new, interesting and different content.

“It's easier to train a journalist to think like a marketer than it is to train a marketer to think like a journalist.” Source: Dusty DiMercurio at Autodesk via content strategist Mat Zucker Dusty means that marketers are trained to talk about themselves, but journalists are trained to talk about what’s important to the audience.

What qualifications do you have?

Please visit my LinkedIn page for a list of my formal qualifications which include an Executive MBA and a Graduate Diploma in Finance & Investing. I am a Certified Digital Marketing Professional through the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland. This involves 40 hours of training and a two hour exam. In 2021, I will complete more advanced training (120 hours) through a Certified Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing which is equivalent to half a Master's Degree. I have also been certified as a StoryBrand Guide which is a seven step marketing/messaging framework to ensure that your brand message is clear and compelling. To stay relevant, I also undertake regular training as a member of the American Marketing Association and the Digital Marketing Institute.

What makes you different from other freelance writers?

Clients choose to work with me because I am:

  • professional, friendly and always deliver on my promises
  • creative and strategic in my thinking
  • focused on adding value in everything I do
  • reliable and on time, every time.
Plus, I have practical experience as a former investment advisor working with retail investors and in corporate finance working with investor material under tight deadlines. I have also worked in financial public relations and business media which means I know how to shape messages that get "cut through".


How do you charge for each project?

I charge on a project basis. This means that if the job takes longer than what I have estimated, you will still only pay the original quoted price. This reduces the risk of budget "creep". If the scope of the job changes, then the project price will change accordingly.

Do I need to pay a deposit before we start the project?

No, I will invoice you at the conclusion of the project once you are 100% happy with the work I have done.


What are the different options available to pay you?

I accept payments through Paypal, Stripe or bank transfer. If you are based in Switzerland, then I will send you an invoice via email. All payments are due within 30 days. Please review each invoice promptly and bring any questions to my attention within 30 days, after which time all invoices will be deemed accurate, fair and reasonable. Should you cancel or place ‘live’ projects on hold for any reason, you will be invoiced for all work completed to date.

You are based in Switzerland, what currency will I pay you in?

You will pay your invoice in your local currency.

I have Wordpeople GmbH on my invoice. Who is that?

This is the name of my company which is registered in Switzerland.